Saturday, 20 December 2014

Understanding iOS App Development and its Marketing

iOS is the standard operating system for Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad and app development offers a lucrative opportunity to please and connect with consumers. A new era of technology experience was created when Apple released the OS 2.0 and iPhone 3 simultaneously in 2008. iOS apps are sold through the Apple App Store and downloads and purchases are very easy and efficient.

Developing good iOS applications require a few key components to ensure positive reception among target audiences such as a need, a solution, glitch free technology & thorough development and effective marketing.
Consumers purchase products to solve particular problems and to meet their needs. The need may be distraction and entertainment in boring scenarios, mile tracking for walkers, photo editing, translation services, or even something as simple as a task organizer. That's when you come in to meet their needs and offer a solution. Your addicting game may offer just the right amount of concentration and distraction to get them through a long meeting, your mile tracker may help them stay on their weight loss track, your photo editor may encourage young photographers to explore their passions, your translation services may be a great asset for businesses, and your task organizer may save a college student during finals.
Once you have a plan in mind you can get to the actual development! There are many avenues to explore online, like Ruby on Rails Development, but no matter who develops your app it's most important that it works and will be easy to navigate for users. Test for glitches and bugs and be thorough with beta testing so that when you release your app it will be suitable for your audience. In order to market it and to ensure that your product actually reaches your target audience you should market your iOS app effectively with concise, relevant keywords and actively pursue opportunities to advertise your app in a niche marketplace.
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Also, as per sales figures, Android is seen doing better against iOS. So, let's check out the comparison between two mobile platforms – "iOS" and "Android" from the App developer's point of view, in terms of accessibility, learning curve, memory management, and profits.